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Find out why everyone in Vegas loves us!  

About Us

Fries, Chicken, Turkey and so much more. 

This Bunny is braving the Las Vegas heat to visit us over at Farm Basket. We may need to name him if he stays any longer. 

To get the best Turkey and Chicken in Vegas.

Ashley McKenna has been coming to Farm Basket her entire life, and she just graduated with an astounding 4.8 GPA and Lettered 10 times in 3 different sports! 


Friends of Farm Basket

Happy Birthday to Scott Reese! A past employee and son of one of the original founders of Farm Basket Chicken.

*Fun Fact: Everyone in this picture has worked at or with Farm Basket at some time. 


This is just a fun update for some of our long-time customers and past employees. This will change every couple months to keep everyone updated. If you would like to show up on our social media and our website as one of our "Friends of Farm Basket" Simply send a message to us at our Facebook, or email us at 

We're Carried Away With Quality!